By completing and paying for a booking, you are confirming that you are 100% satisfied with your booking. There will be strictly no booking changes, refunds or cancellations. We suggest triple checking your booking to ensure you have selected the right location, time, age group and skill level as this could potentially result in a loss at your expense.


If wet weather occurs last minute, you will be notified up to one hour before the commencement of class changes via SMS/ email. 

If we are unable to run a lesson because of wet weather the lesson will be added to at the end of term. 

If we are unable to be deliver the missed lesson before the end of term, credits will be provided for future bookings.


Make-up lessons will always be available if a coach is unable to deliver the lesson for any reason. The make-up lessons will be delivered at the coach’s discretion, at their earliest convenience. If make-up lessons are unable to be delivered before the end of term, credits will be provided for future bookings.

Please be aware, make up lessons will not be available for ANY other reason.


If you've contracted covid or are having to isolate because you are a close contact and cannot attend your session we request the following to qualify for a a make-up session for the missed participation:

- You must notify us and provide proof of infection or need to isolate.

- You must notify us of the start date of infection/isolation and the date at which this period will end.

Once we have confirmed all of the above we'll issue you with either a credit note, or get you'll be allocated a spot in another lesson to make up.

Failure to follow the procedures outlined above will result in no credit or make-up sessions being issued.